Podcast Love’s services include

Our capabilities include:

Series Development and Pre-Production

  • Defining success.

  • Creative concepting and generating ideas for content.

  • Budgeting.

  • Data and analytics.

  • Talent, staffing, and team.

  • Organization-specific best practices/production bible.

  • Episode outlines.

  • Legal considerations.

choosing what tools to use, developing your style, show concepting

Industry Reports and Overviews

Thought leadership TK, Genre-specific studies


Audio-specific storytelling and journalism

How to make audio specific stuff, character, fact checking, story structure, objectivity ethics and conduct, research and reporting, booking, editorial feedback

  • Format and storyboarding.

  • Research and interview preparation.

  • Pre-production preparation.

  • Recording sessions and interviews.

  • Cutting tape and choosing audio selects.

  • Editorial feedback and support.

  • Mixing and mastering to podcast-specific standards.

  • File storage and handling.


Pre-interviewing, planning, recording, what to do in the interview, getting the best audio, recording in the field and developing scenes.


Script Writing

Transcribing, sorting through tape

Sound editing, mixing, and mastering

Cutting tape, choosing selects, sound design and scoring, sourcing music, final mixing and mastering


Tape syncs, recording, equipment, technique, room treatment, RSS hosting, Technical considerations, including RSS feed hosting, recording gear, and .

Distribution, PR, and Marketing

Geting on other shows, podcast-specific websites, visual branding

Oversight, management, and quality control

Audience development and engagement

Talent recruitment

Talent coaching

  Includes consultation on:

  • Evaluation of content.

  • Planning for launch.

  • Podcast-specific distribution and PR best practices.

  • Podcast-specific independent distribution and PR.

  • Introduction to potential distribution partners.

  • Strategies, best practices, and resources for moving forward in partnership or independently.


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