Podcast Love teaches people how to craft beautiful narrative stories, helps brands launch successful podcasts, and challenges everyone to think differently about the world of audio. Podcast Love offers a newsletter and blog that everyone can learn from, audio training workshops for brands and individuals, and a suite of consulting services for brands, nonprofits, and media organizations.

Podcast Love was founded by Alex Kapelman. Alex is a professor of audio reportage in the masters program at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. He’s trained staff and helped develop shows with the likes of the ACLU and Mic, and has worked with American Public Media.

Alex has been editor on Pitch and Millennial, and has edited hundreds of pieces from professionals and students. He's spoken and given workshops at NYU, Middlebury College, Bates College, and more.

He’s produced content for and with some of the biggest and most respected public radio and podcasting organizations in the country, including WNYC, KCRW, Audible, and Gimlet Media. Several of the shows he’s worked on have graced the Apple Podcasts Charts, including the #1 and #6 spot.

His audio work has been featured in publications like The Atlantic, New York Magazine, and BuzzFeed; he has also been tapped as a contributor to NPR. 

Alex hosts and produces Pitch, a critically acclaimed narrative audio series from Audible, and the podcast The Decision.

For more information about Podcast Love, please contact Alex below.

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